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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Forgiving You Forgiving Me

Wow! Look how time flies! (Not at the sky please!). We have been marching tirelessly and relentlessly until now. Now we have come into a crucial stage - the transition period of Mock and Final Exam. (Again, not chemistry for god sake!) As for Muslims, we are fulfilling our fasting prayer as act of devotion to the God and eternal Hereafter. Soon, we will be celebrating the Hari Raya Aidilfitri as the significant event of our victory completing one-month fasting prayer.
Because of that as well, we will be performing 'forgiving ceremony' to mark a new beginning of a 'new us' which our sins have been washed away together with the sweat and hunger in Ramadhan. When I was small, I used to hate this ceremony because I don't understand why people are crying at that time. And they were hugging and shaking their hands, together with repetitively saying sorry of their bad deeds to all people in the living room in my grand dad and mum's house. Now, I realize the importance of having this ceremony not onlt at that month but anytime for the sake of enhancing the camaraderie between us and all the people that we know.
Since Syawal is approaching, I hereby take this opportunity to ask the forgiveness from all of you, family members, the readers of my blog, lecturers, friends, and anybody that directly or indirectly being offended by my words or actions as ex-President of Our Club (formerly known as GAP Club or presently known as ICON Club), student (lecturers - sorry for not completing your homework and playing around in your class) , coursemates, classmates, housemates, roommates (Syahir & Ali), neighbour, mosquemates and finally as your friend that is not perfect rather than you that always concern of my well being. Friends or to be precise, the members of OUR Club, bear in mind that, anything that I have done is actually for your well being. In my duty dictionary, I will never jeopardize all of your position into a state which can be a nuisance or obstacle to you especially your studies.
Whatever it is, 'to err is human, to forgive is divine' says my past self whose saves India from the clutches of the British. As final approaching, all I can ask from you is forgiveness and your bless as it can help me to lead a calmer life and create a better environment for me to study and excel at the end of AUSMAT. Honestly, at the beginning, I'm not comfortable in KBU environment (because I'm a Mama boy. Hehehe...) but it did not stop me to be able to interact with all the people in or outside of KBU. With all do respect, I proposed that all KBU blog writer especially AUSMAT students can take the effort to write something (maybe you are an angel, no apologizes to be said) that can be your expression and feel better even a bit so that you can release your catharsis that suppress your potential ability for the final (wah!!!). Well, it is something I called a farewell before we end our course. Oh yeah, another thing is thanks to all of you that help me to struggle beside me in facing all the hardships of AUSMAT. Maybe not the help I want but at least there is still somebody walk beside me and consoling the feeling of loneliness once in a while.
With this, I signifies the ending of writing my last blog for EALD subject. (Sorry for any inconvenience to Miss Chan if I didn't update my blog frequently. Hehehe...) Assignment accomplished! See ya around when I start to write my blog again after final. (maybe different blog, same or not. It doesn't matter bacause it will still have my thought there).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Enough is enough!!!!

Ok everybody, tats it, the title said it already, my heart keep beating for it already. Enough is enough!!!
It makes me sick with the smell of burning air everyday. It causes me vommit to see the ocean of kindness to be polluted by the human's greed and selfishness. I got headache to think all the solutions to make everything right whereas it will get to its original condition without any updates done on it. I kept losing the one I loved and valued without realising it. The steps that I made just accelerate me further away from the end. Finally, I jump into my consciousness, the biological experience that I had all these while is separated into 2 parts; life and world...

Life taught me to be kind and apply the good values, world taught me the other way round...

Life is fair to me, world is always taking its cruelty into the next level when I thought it is enough for me...

Life made me think there is a place for me and everybody, world is making the place for one person only...

Oh ya, finally, life is life, world is us, the mankind...

P.S.: Both life and world is not what I want or maybe need, but I always will be a
survivalist indeed...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Get Your Game On!

Hey guys (and girls of course!), long time no see, I’ve been gone through trial and triumph. Believe me, it’s really a damn moment for me. Sigh, whatever it is, let bygones be bygones. Ok, get to our topic for our discussion, what kind of game that I’m talking about? It is one of my most favourite games. Can’t guess it huh? It is……. Yu Gi Oh!!! Fantastic! Bombastic! Fun! Ecstatic! World wide phenomenon! And of course, full of traps and tricks….
Tricky you say? Yup! It is a game requires 40 cards minimum and 80 cards maximum (Oh you can get it at the Play Station & Computer Games shop.). The categories of the cards are divided into three, that is monster, spell and trap cards. There is no limit of cards entrance for each category (because it’s up to your strategy! Daaa…). To play it, you have to go through 6 phases; Standby Phase (SP), Main Phase 1 (MP1), Battle Phase (BP), Main Phase 2 (MP2) and End Phase (EP). Obviously, battle phase is the best phase for me as I can use my monster to attack my opponent’s Life Point (LP). Aiya, I forgotten to explain what is LP, LP is actually the indicator of your life point that starts from 8000 (or whatever value you and your opponent agree) and if you hit the zero, you lose the game. For spell and trap, both aspects meant to enhance the attack and defense of your monster and decrease the power of your opponent’s threat from the other side.
Now, what interests me, it’s about the various strategies we can play, either rely wholly on the monsters, spells or trap cards. You can somehow know what your opponent trying to do and you can manipulate the outcome of the duel. If you can do it, you are truly a duelist (maybe the recognition you can get it from the official tournament). So, I can see this game can be practice for me to do analysis of my path in life generally and realize that not everything will work as your opponent has a better luck than you. There is even a series of anime series based on this game but some of the rules and regulations have been altered in that game so that the main character can win against the evil. I also have its emulator (copy from Izzat, thanks dude) in my laptop. Haha, that’s all folks! I want to have plenty rest to recover from my fever and ha…ha…hachoom! my running nose. Not to mention my cough as well. So, what are you guys waiting for? Get your game on!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Born to Lead…

Hype you guys! Miss me? Ah, save it to yourself, I don’t need it. Haha, back to the title, you over there, are you a leader? How about the other you? No? Not sure? Murtabak ah? Just kidding, how you guys define leadership? Is it Mr. President of our club a leader or just a manager that tries to look good in front the public? Come, let us see few opinions and mine as well.
Alan Keith of Genentech who said "Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen."(Hmm, sort of). Other than that, leadership has been described as the “process of social influence in which one person is able to enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. There have been a lot of related theories regarding the true definition of leadership but for me, leader is actually a person that led not only a group of people but himself to accomplish something big in his life. You see, a leader should not only be in a big organization but it’s already in yourself as you can exhibit the quality of a leader.
It is just damn hard to be a true leader, why you ask me? It is because there are no real guidelines (or Leadership for Dummies book) for us to determine the pathway of a leader to grow and develop. In lament term, there is no benchmark for us to see who has the potential of leader among us. Nevertheless, we, of course, have 2 kind of leader in this world. One, he or she will like to see us in suffer just to fulfill his or her wishes. The other one will try his or her best to reduce the impact and maximize the profit for not only him or her but the rest of us.
Besides, I believe a leader should know the value of right, wrong, good and bad. It is totally wrong when you equate the value of right to good and wrong to bad. Somehow, you feel in certain part of your life, there are things you done are good but it is wrong and vice versa. A leader should know about this more than anybody because it is going to determine your status of leadership. Of course, this also another aspect that separates a leader from a manager.
A leader also has to touch the heart of other people because they are capable to do that. My father always said to me, a leader is a good listener. Leader has the tendency of being street counselor whom most people will get the help from him or her regarding any problem. The leader that done this before throughout his world conquest is Alexander the Great who always visits his soldier camp to hear them out and compare number of scars in the battlefield. This also shows that he has a great social skill as well. I think that’s all folks or I’ll be late for my class. Yikes, chow first!

Monday, March 9, 2009

You Design What?

We meet again, I have to do this post straight away as to replace my ‘missing post’ for last week. Now, if you don’t mind, the title reflects on architecture in depth. It also branches from engineering, actually. The word architecture even derived from Latin, architectura which means master builder. As a process, architecture is the activity of designing and constructing buildings by a person or a computer, primarily to provide shelter. A wider definition often includes the design of the total built environment, from the macro level of how a building integrates with its surrounding landscape to the micro level of architectural or construction details and, sometimes, furniture. Wider still, architecture is the activity of designing any kind of system.
Now, I read in Wikipedia that a good design should obey these 3 principles; that is durability, utility and beauty. It can also mean that the design should remain in good condition at all times, useful and can raise other people spirit when they see it. Architects can obtain this valuable piece of information from the earliest written work (De architectura), by the Roman architect Vitruvius in the early 1st century CE. According to Vitruvius, the architect should strive to fulfill each of these three attributes as well as possible. (Hah, I know it’s going to be hard for the architect, so I truly respect to all architecture students. *salute*)
The progress of architecture can be divided into several era; classicsm, medieval, renaissancism and modernism. (If I’m not mistaken it is from the architecture board in KBU International College). Each parts of the era show how architecture develops into one of the well known field in the world. From religion to basic necessities of human being, architecture has become a medium for human being to express their feelings and ideas on something. In my opinion, if you ask me, architecture is more to the manifestation of the designer’s mind to the society. Whatever it is, only a creative person has his or her own way to define this magnificent field. Oh yeah, the building that I like so far is the National Centre for the Performing Arts (China) as it comprises psychology onto its design. Not only that, it also has a great sound system which really has the impact on the audience and completely transforms them into a new person as they leave the place. Thanks to its architect, Paul Andreu whom is a French citizen that started the construction in December 2001 and the inaugural concert was officially held in December 2007. That’s all for today, folks. You want to find it more, google and yahoo are always there for you. Fielen Dank, everybody!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


What’s up, your guys? How’s everything? I’m good, nothing much to be mentioned about myself. Ok, skip to the point, are you happy now? I mean, do you happy with your life? No? I heard some say yes. Whatever it is, I’m very happy with my life. Or maybe, I think I am the happiest person in the life (either one). Haha, you want to know why? This is my own definition of happiness.
My first happiness started when I was born to this world, crying with tears of joy. I believe it’s because the God has given the opportunity to me to face endless obstacles and enjoy the benefit of powerless human using everything of what do you have and acquire in life. Other than that, I considered myself that time happy because my parents also happy that they can finally have the values and experiences they learnt before they got married applied in our family. Until now, they still strongly united and I’m very grateful for their teachings on me because that’s the ultimate prove of love towards me.
Secondly, I’m very happy because of my teachers (and lecturers) has enlightened me with wonderful things in this world. They did a good job in opening my eyes to the positive and negative side of the world. From kindergarten to college, I’m too scolded by them but it’s all for reason behind it. In addition, I’m also happy for my brother, sisters, relatives, best friend and anybody directly and indirectly related to me. Again, why? It’s simple, they are always there for me regardless of the situation. Although I have been hurt by my enemy, backstabbed by my own friends and betrayed by lovers-to-be, I’m still really really really ok cause God has replaced all of them with better ones in the future.
Thirdly, I’m happy because every single hardships that I face has changed into good things so far. It’s even better when I see other people happy, I don’t know why, maybe it’s my character that always supports others. I don’t get it when people kept complaining about their mishaps until they get depressed about it and talked to nobody especially to the person he or she dislikes, hoping they can get ‘erase’ the person from their life. Face it, God will put you everyday confronting that person, physically and mentally. At the end, you blame your mishaps wholly on fate, whereas it’s their choice that determines their level of their misery. Perhaps, for me, God also wants me to accomplish my objectives in life and becomes stronger in the future. Somebody said to me, ’What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. That buddy is damn right. Trust me, it doesn’t matter how much more obstacles you are going to face but it is more to why. And be optimistic as you can’t imagine what the destiny stores for you. Again, it’s up to you to decide. Thank you for your happiness.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bla… Bla… Bla…

“We are the best of the best, gentlemen. You know, what is behind that wall? Immortality, take it, it’s yours!” –Achilles (Spartan)

Guten Tag, alle! (in German, good day, everyone!) Maybe, you heard this before. I think when we want to say in public, especially encouraging to other people, this is the thing you should say. That’s right folks, today I’m going to talk about rhetoric: the art of speaking eloquently.

First of all, we have to know “why” we speak in public. Most of them failed the purpose of rhetoric speaking which eventually it is the ultimate reason why they can’t even utter a single word at the stage. Do you know that no. 1 fear in US is not spiders, snakes but public speaking?! Hah! I know it’s quite surprising but that’s the reality, mates. In history, the Romans will elect their leader which has the capability to speak in public effectively to convey message done by the Council. For example, Julius Cesar is the men who responsible in influence his pupil to expand Rom by conquer the other place nearby and he became the Emperor which he abolished the Council later.

Now, we already know “why”, next, we approach on how we can convey our message efficiently to the audience. Again, you must know what are the purpose and your targeted audience. If you have kids as your listener, don’t you ever harsh on them and use softer tone as they are growing and trying to understand the world they live in. Other than that, you can apply the same thing to the elderly or people with higher rank than you. Nevertheless, for army or to motivate other people, we can use harsher tone and use stronger word together with action that implies the same thing. This will ultimately brings powerful message and probably you can win the war easily!

Haha, still worry huh? Nah, my father always said to me, to speak in front of other people, of course, you will be scared, but you can convert it to energy and energy will convert to effort. Make sense? How about the butterflies in your stomach slowly being digested and sap their energy to do the speaking? In short, just be confident, and focus to the task, not to the fear of the task. Before I end my post, I would like to announce that I’m not going to use Facebook and MSN messenger for one-year period. If you want to send me a message, just kindly use the chatbox and don’t ya ever use unnecessary language in it. Ok, thank you for your time, folks!