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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Forgiving You Forgiving Me

Wow! Look how time flies! (Not at the sky please!). We have been marching tirelessly and relentlessly until now. Now we have come into a crucial stage - the transition period of Mock and Final Exam. (Again, not chemistry for god sake!) As for Muslims, we are fulfilling our fasting prayer as act of devotion to the God and eternal Hereafter. Soon, we will be celebrating the Hari Raya Aidilfitri as the significant event of our victory completing one-month fasting prayer.
Because of that as well, we will be performing 'forgiving ceremony' to mark a new beginning of a 'new us' which our sins have been washed away together with the sweat and hunger in Ramadhan. When I was small, I used to hate this ceremony because I don't understand why people are crying at that time. And they were hugging and shaking their hands, together with repetitively saying sorry of their bad deeds to all people in the living room in my grand dad and mum's house. Now, I realize the importance of having this ceremony not onlt at that month but anytime for the sake of enhancing the camaraderie between us and all the people that we know.
Since Syawal is approaching, I hereby take this opportunity to ask the forgiveness from all of you, family members, the readers of my blog, lecturers, friends, and anybody that directly or indirectly being offended by my words or actions as ex-President of Our Club (formerly known as GAP Club or presently known as ICON Club), student (lecturers - sorry for not completing your homework and playing around in your class) , coursemates, classmates, housemates, roommates (Syahir & Ali), neighbour, mosquemates and finally as your friend that is not perfect rather than you that always concern of my well being. Friends or to be precise, the members of OUR Club, bear in mind that, anything that I have done is actually for your well being. In my duty dictionary, I will never jeopardize all of your position into a state which can be a nuisance or obstacle to you especially your studies.
Whatever it is, 'to err is human, to forgive is divine' says my past self whose saves India from the clutches of the British. As final approaching, all I can ask from you is forgiveness and your bless as it can help me to lead a calmer life and create a better environment for me to study and excel at the end of AUSMAT. Honestly, at the beginning, I'm not comfortable in KBU environment (because I'm a Mama boy. Hehehe...) but it did not stop me to be able to interact with all the people in or outside of KBU. With all do respect, I proposed that all KBU blog writer especially AUSMAT students can take the effort to write something (maybe you are an angel, no apologizes to be said) that can be your expression and feel better even a bit so that you can release your catharsis that suppress your potential ability for the final (wah!!!). Well, it is something I called a farewell before we end our course. Oh yeah, another thing is thanks to all of you that help me to struggle beside me in facing all the hardships of AUSMAT. Maybe not the help I want but at least there is still somebody walk beside me and consoling the feeling of loneliness once in a while.
With this, I signifies the ending of writing my last blog for EALD subject. (Sorry for any inconvenience to Miss Chan if I didn't update my blog frequently. Hehehe...) Assignment accomplished! See ya around when I start to write my blog again after final. (maybe different blog, same or not. It doesn't matter bacause it will still have my thought there).